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All You Need Is Now: EPK
All you need is now duran duran c1
EPK by Duran Duran
Released 21 December 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Music, information
Length 4:35 minutes
Label Heyluke Films
Directed by Gavin Elder
Duran Duran

All You Need Is Now: EPK is a promotional-only video by Duran Duran, directed by Gavin Elder and released by Heyluke Films on 20 December 2010.

About the EPK[]

The EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a short behind the scenes look at the making of Duran Duran's 13th studio album All You Need Is Now.

The video begins with Roger Taylor saying that their new album is essentially a live album, made by jamming as a band.

Included are clips from the Sphere Studios in London, which features record producer Mark Ronson, singer Ana Matronic and guitarist Dominic Brown.

There is also footage of Nina Hossain recording a fake news story for "The Man Who Stole A Leopard", with Rhodes adding that he likened the song to "The Gift" by The Velvet Underground. The EPK finishes with a clip of the "All You Need Is Now" music video.


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