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All She Wants Is
All she wants is duran duran wikipedia song single
single by Duran Duran
B-side "I Believe" / "All I Need to Know"
Released 24 December 1988
Format 7", 12", CD
Genre New wave, pop, rock, funk
Length 4:36 (45 Mix)
7:34 (Euro Dub Mix)
7:19 (US Master Mix)
7:08 (House Dub)
6:43 (US Master Dub)
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) Duran Duran
Producer(s) Duran Duran
Jonathan Elias
Daniel Abraham
Duran Duran

"All She Wants Is" is the eighteenth single from Duran Duran, and the second single from the Big Thing album. It was released in December 1988, and reached #9 on the UK Singles Chart and #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

About the song[]

Donald A. Guarisco at All Music Guide[1] describes "All She Wants Is" as:

...a fun tune that has one foot in techno and one foot in new wave. The lyrics discuss the life of a vixen who has everything a woman could want -- except the knowledge of what she truly wants from life. The music puts forth this scenario in a breathless dance-music fashion, crafting a rhythmic tune that only becomes truly melodic when detailing the questions that plague its main character. Duran Duran's recording has the forceful drum machine beats one would expect from an early-'90s dance effort but also adds some that revive their past glories: the frenetic high-hats and choppy rhythm guitar harken back to "Girls on Film" and the female moaning that comes in near the end recalls the similarly scandalous female moaning that closed "Hungry Like the Wolf."

During early recording sessions, the song was previously known as "Sex" and went through many changes in lyrics.

The song became part of a medley with their 1981 single "Planet Earth" when performed on The 1988 Big Thing Tour, where the melody and lyrics of Planet Earth's chorus were incorporated into the outro of "All She Wants Is".

Music video[]

The video for "All She Wants Is" was shot in London with video director Dean Chamberlain, a well-known photographer who had previously taken pictures and filmed the video "Missing" for the side project Arcadia. It took nearly a month to shoot, using very long exposures to create unusual animated light effects around a girl and the surreal fixtures inside her flat.

As the band was in the middle of a hectic promotion schedule, and was unable to spend the necessary weeks standing still to shoot the video, the members each allowed a plaster life mask to be made from their faces, from which latex imitations of the band members' faces were cast. With the masks fitted onto mannequins, Chamberlain was able to use painstakingly slow stop motion special effects. Only a few brief scenes at the beginning and end of the video feature the real band members.

Song versions[]

  • "All She Wants Is" (Album Version AKA 45 Mix AKA 7" Version) - 4:36 - All are identical, with some releases fading a few seconds early
  • "All She Wants Is" (Eurohouse Mix AKA Euro Dub Mix) - 7:34
  • "All She Wants Is" (Eurohouse Dub) - 7:07
  • "All She Wants Is" (Eurohouse Dub II) - 5:43
  • "All She Wants Is" (US Master Mix) - 7:16
  • "All She Wants Is" (US Master Dub AKA Latino Dub Mix) - 6:43
  • "All She Wants Is" (Alternate/Diff. Lyrics - Demo) - 5:19 (bootleg, The Medicine)
  • "Sex" (Demo) - 4:50 (bootleg, Maison Rouge)
  • "All She Wants Is" / "Planet Earth" - 5:46 (Live 1988)

Chart positions[]

"All She Wants Is" had a bigger impact than its predecessor ("I Don't Want Your Love"), hitting the top ten in the UK; it was the last of twelve UK top ten hits for Duran Duran during the 1980s.

In Europe as in the United States the single became a smash dance hit, reaching high positions on the dance charts.

#9 UK Singles Chart
#22 Billboard Hot 100
#24 Billboard Modern Rock Tracks
#1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play
#2 Italy
#1 European Dance charts

Other appearances[]

Aside from the single, "All She Wants Is" appears on:

Box sets:


Duran Duran are:



All she wants is
All she wants is
All she wants is

Spend your money on the corner now
Know you've gotta save some for the shoeshine boys
You've been pulling 'em by the hand inside
Oh, collecting all your toys
If you need a lead to heaven now
Just stick around
You're going to be there
What do you dare?
What do you care?
What does your heart say now?

All she wants is
All she wants is
All she wants is

Divine intervention
Couldn't keep the word from leaking out
With your pleasure in suspension
Not to mention what you hang it around
If you need a lead to heaven, yeah
A place to share
In every position
What do you dare?
What do you care?
What does your heart say now?

All she wants is
All she wants is
All she wants is

All she wants is...[repeat to fade]

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