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Alice@97.3: February 7, 2011
Alice @ 97.3 logo DURAN DURAN
radio show
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Presenter DJ Jayn
First broadcast February 7, 2011
Broadcast time 11:00am-3:00pm
Radio station Alice@97.3
Genre Interview, music
Length 240 minutes
featuring John Taylor

Alice@97.3: February 7, 2011 is a radio station in the USA that broadcast a midday show, featuring a live 12:42 minute telephone interview with John Taylor on that date.

About the show[]

The show was broadcast by KLLC (97.3 FM, "Alice@97.3"), a commercial radio station located in San Francisco which sponsored Now & Zen Fest 03 and Now & Zen 2005 and released the album Alice@97.3: This Is Alice Music 8. Presented by DJ Jayn between 11:00am and 3:00pm, the midday show includes music, news and interviews.

The interview with John Taylor began with a discussion about All You Need Is Now. Jayn commented that the album is definitely a modern record: "It's new, it's urgent, and at-the-moment, which is partially not just because of producer Mark Ronson, but also because Duran Duran have stayed so vital over the last 30 years." Taylor responded by saying that the band have made mistakes along the way. He added that the Timbaland-produced hip-hop album Red Carpet Massacre taught them where they didn't want to go.

The American sitcom episode Samantha Who?: The Rock Star (featuring John Taylor as Tommy Wylder) was mentioned. Taylor said he had never seen it, and had no plans to do any more acting.

The Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam was covered, and Taylor revealed that Duran Duran would be playing at The Filmore in San Francisco on April 16, 2011, which was one of his favorite venues.