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A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)
orchestrated instrumental by John Barry
Released 6 May 1985
Recorded Spring 1985
Format 7"
Genre Classical
Length 2:28 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) Duran Duran, John Barry
Producer John Barry
Duran Duran

"A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)" is an orchestrated instrumental by John Barry, released as the B-side to Duran Duran's thirteenth single "A View to a Kill" by Capitol-EMI on 6 May 1985.

About the instrumental[]

Written by Duran Duran and John Barry, the instrumental also appears on the A View to a Kill soundtrack album as "Bond Meets Stacey".

The music was performed by a 60-piece orchestra and recorded in London at the CTS Studios.

It was believed that there was no 12" remix recording because the band ran out of time, however, Capitol Records did commission and receive at least one remix of the track. In addition BBC Radio 1 (in the UK) played one extended version of the track which included the well-known "I expect you to die" quote from Goldfinger as a one-off promotion around the time the single was released. An unofficial DJ Service remix called "A View to a Kill (Art of Mix)" has appeared on various DJ and bootleg compilations including Duranged Tracks. There is also a fan-made remix which combines the whole Duran Duran version with some sampled scores from the movie and an orchestral score from this track. This remix was named "A View to a Kill (Saint Ken Extended Remix)".

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