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A Diva's Christmas Carol
Background information
Released 2000
Directed by Richard Schenkman
Starring Venessa Williams
Rozonda Thomas
John Taylor
Written by Richard Schenkman
Producer Claudio Castravelli
Original music by Christopher Lennertz
featuring John Taylor

A Diva's Christmas Carol is a 2000 film directed by Richard Schenkman, which stars Vanessa Williams, Rozonda Thomas and John Taylor.

About the film[]

"Christmas Can Be Such a Bitch" was the tasteful advertising tag line for this updated and revised TV-movie adaptation of Dicken's oft-filmed fable A Christmas Carol.

In this movie Victorian penny-pincher Ebenezer Scrooge has been transformed into a beautiful, imperious, foul-mouthed pop singer named Ebony (Venessa L Williams). Lording it over her staff in general and her long-suffering manager and former boyfriend Bob Cratchett (Brian McNamara) in particular. Ebony intends to callously exploit the Yuletide season by staging a charity Christmas concert "on behalf of the homeless," an act of generosity designed mainly to up her popularity and increase her own bank account. Inevitably, on the eve of the concert, the contentious Ebony is visited by a number of spirits who persuade her to change her ways before it's too late. Chilli of TLC is seen as the ghost of Ebony's former singing partner Marli Jacob while Duran Duran's John Taylor shows up as the Spirit of Christmas Present.

A Diva's Christmas Carol was filmed in Montréal, Canada. The movie was first telecast over VH-1 on December 13, 2000.


  • Vanessa Williams - Ebony Scrooge
  • Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas - Marli Jacob (as Chilli)
  • John Taylor - Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Brian McNamara - Bob Cratchett
  • Kathy Grifin - Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Stephanie Biddle - Terry Freeman
  • Richard Jutras - Emie Hoskins
  • Linda Goodwin - Kelly Cratchett
  • Michelle Lipper - Tina
  • Amy Sloan - Patrice
  • Henri Pardo - Matt
  • Christian Paul - Lance
  • Joshua Archam - Tim Cratchett
  • Terence Bowman - Ticket Clerk