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911 Is a Joke
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cover song by Duran Duran
Released 4 April 1995
Recorded 1992-94
Genre Golden age hip hop, political hip hop
Length 3:59 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) William Drayton, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler, Shocklee
Producer(s) Duran Duran
John Jones
Duran Duran

"911 Is a Joke" is a cover song by Duran Duran, released on the album Thank You by Capitol-EMI on 4 April 1995.

About the song[]

The song was written by William Drayton, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler and Shocklee from the American hip-hop group Public Enemy. It appeared on their Grammy Award-nominated third album Fear of a Black Planet in 1990.

"911 Is a Joke" is about the lack of response to emergency calls in a black neighborhood, but specifically references the poor response by paramedic crews and not the police, which is a common misconception regarding the track; the "911" in the title of the song refers to 9-1-1, the emergency telephone number used in North America.

Duran Duran recorded the song for their covers album Thank You, which was an attempt to keep the peace among band members who had increasing trouble writing music together.

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Now I dialed 911 a long time ago
Don't you see how late they're reactin'
They only come, and they come when they wanna
Go get the morgue truck and embalm the goner
They don't care 'cause they get paid anyway
They treat you like an ace that can't be betrayed
I know you stumble with no use people
If your life is on the line, then you're dead today
Late comings in the late comin' stretcher
That's a body bag in disguise, y'all I'll betcha
I call 'em body snatchers, quick they come to fetch ya
With an autopsy ambulance just to dissect ya
They are the kings 'cos they swing amputation
Lose your arms, your legs, to them it's compilation
I can prove it to you, watch the rotation
It all adds up to a funky situation

Get up, get get get down
911 is a joke in yo town
Get up, get get get down
Late 911 wears the late crown

Ow, 911 is a joke
911 is a joke

Everyday they don't never come correct
You can ask my man right here with the broken neck
He's a witness to the job never being done
He would've been in full effect in 8 911
It was a joke because they always jokin'
They the token to your life when it's croakin'
They need to be in a pawn shop on a -
911 is a joke, we don't want 'em
I call a cab 'cause a cab'll come quicker
The doctors huddle up and call a flea flicker
The reason why I say 'cause they flick you off like fleas
They be laughin' at ya while you're crawlin' on your knees
And to the strength, so go the length
Thinkin' you are first when you really are tenth
You better wake up and smell the real flavor
'Cause 911 is a fake life saver


Ow, ow, 911 is a joke
911 is a joke
Ow, 911 is a joke
Ow, 911 is a joke, 911 is a joke
(Get up, get get down)
911 is a joke, 911 is a joke, 911 is a joke
(Get up, get get down)
911 is a joke, 911 is a joke, 911 is a joke
(Get up, get get down)
Ooooh, yeah

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