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Capitol Creole
Capitol creole duran duran 1
compilation album
Released 1995
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 17 tracks
Label Capitol Records
Producer various
track listing
Capitol creole duran duran
album featuring Duran Duran

1995 Gavin Seminar: Capitol Creole CD Sampler is a 17-track promotional only compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by Capitol Records during 1995.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of songs by various artists and was produced for the 10th Annual Gavin Seminar, held in New Orleans during 1995. The compilation includes Duran Duran's cover version of Melle Mel co-written "White Lines", a single featuring a music video directed by Nick Egan.

Track listing[]


  1. "White Lines" - Duran Duran
  2. "Mishale" - Andru Donalds
  3. "Nothing Left Behind" - Richard Marx
  4. "Green Mind" - Dink
  5. "I Can Call You" - Portrait"
  6. "Wonderful" - Adam Ant
  7. "Turn The Page" - Bob Segar & The Silver Bullet Band
  8. "She's My Baby" - Mazzy Star
  9. "Mad Izm - Channel Live
  10. "Hole In The Bucket - Spearhead
  11. "Keep It Real" - Milkbone
  12. "Fire Maple Song" - Everclear
  13. "Map of Your Failure" - Big Chief
  14. "Blue Flame Ford" - Truly
  15. "Ghost Dance" - Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
  16. "Travelin' Stew" - Bonebony
  17. "A Tout Le Monde" - Megadeth