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18 Songs from DD's Groovemaster
John taylor 18 songs from duran duran's groovemaster a
compilation album
Released 2006
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 18 tracks
Label Minoan Music
Producer various
reverse cover
John taylor 18 songs from duran duran's groovemaster duran
John Taylor

18 Songs from Duran Duran's Groovemaster is a John Taylor promotional-only compilation album, released by Minoan Music in 2006.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of John Taylor solo recordings and side project related tracks. The compilation features several songs originally recorded by Neurotic Outsiders, including "Always Wrong" which was later released on Feelings Are Good And Other Lies and MetaFour. There are two versions of "Such A Good Lover", a song from the Retreat Into Art album.

18 Songs from Duran Duran's Groovemaster was released by Eric Alexandrakis's Minoan Music, a production company with full creative capability, supplying custom made music and off-the-rack music for a variety of film, television and advertising productions. The company also released Music To Kill For, which features Warren Cuccurullo.

Track listing[]

  1. "Love Is Bondage"
  2. "Immortal"
  3. "6000 Miles"
  4. "She's Not There"
  5. "Such A Good Lover"
  6. "Run Together"
  7. "Feelings Are Good" (with Sex Pistol Steve Jones)
  8. "Hollow Victory"
  9. "Getting Intimate"
  10. "Tight"
  11. "Air Miles"
  12. "Hey Day"
  13. "Anon (One Day at a Time)"
  14. "Always Wrong" (with Sex Pistol Steve Jones)
  15. "To Do You (John Lennon Says)"
  16. "Down Again"
  17. "Fields of Eden"
  18. "Such A Good Lover" (Instrumental Mix)