16 Tambourines
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Background information
Origin Liverpool, UK
Genre Rock, soft rock
Years active 19831990
Labels Arista Records
Past members Steve Roberts
Tony Elliott
Tony McGuigan
Dr. Perry Pineapple
Mike Moran
Susan Elleni.

16 Tambourines were a '60s-influenced guitar pop band from Liverpool, UK, that acquired more critical acclaim than album sales.

The band were a support act for Duran Duran in 1983.

Background informationEdit

Although they were signed to a major label, 16 Tambourines' true home was in the no-frills independent music scene, performing crafted soft rock.

Although 16 Tambourines didn't form until 1983, vocalist Steve Roberts and bassist Tony Elliott had actually met in 1981 while trying to start another group, Total Action. However, a handful of acoustic performances failed to recruit more members to the band, and Roberts and Elliott eventually walked away from it. Three years later, they found themselves without groups and decided to collaborate once again. Naming themselves after an LP by psychedelic band The Three O'Clock that was called Sixteen Tambourines. Roberts and Elliott started jamming with a drum machine, later replaced by a real person, Tony McGuigan. The group became well connected with the local scene and created a buzz with their constant gigging.

In 1985, 16 Tambourines recorded a three-track demo featuring "Hope (A Man for All Seasons)", "Jumpin' in the Fire" and "I Wouldn't Want to Stop". The tape attracted the attention of UK DJ Con McConville, providing the young band with some radio exposure.

By 1987, 16 Tambourines had a bigger lineup with the additions of percussionist Dr. Perry Pineapple, guitarist Mike Moran, and backup vocalist Susan Elleni. There was an added richness to their sound with strong elements of cocktail jazz and soul. The group was signed to Arista Records and released their first and only album, How Green is Your Valley?, in February 1990. The albumd at number 78 on the UK Charts; however, the group opened for Wet Wet Wet on an immensely successful tour.

16 Tambourines broke up in April 1990. Roberts and Elliott continued their working relationship as the Tambourines until that, too, fell apart and Roberts found tremendous critical acclaim as a solo artist, releasing It Just Is in 2001.